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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day One - Guilty Pleasure (2nd post for today)

I KNOW I have more than one, so this was very tough to narrow down.

Nutella, that rich, creamy cocoa hazelnut spread (which tastes great on a spoon all by itself!)
I first discovered it in Hungary when I was studying there for a semester in college. It became quite the comfort to us when we got homesick. We'd smear it on a slice of bread, bought fresh that day at the local bakery, then pour a glass of apricot brandy to go w/ it. I really missed Nutella when I got home. I was so excited the first time I saw it in a local grocery store. And, they've recently doubled the size of the jar. Mmmmmmmm!

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Angela said...

Love the new background!

I have not ever tried this, but like you said, I know it's huge in Europe. They even have a World Nutella Day!

munchesmom said...

Thanks! It took a while to find one that I really liked. This one finally jumped out at me!

You MUST give it a try sometime, very soon! I didn't know about the World Nutella Day...although it's ALWAYS Nutella Day around here :-)