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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicken Recipe

These days, most people are looking for cheap & easy meals. Our local grocery store had whole roasting chickens on sale last week - buy one, get one free. What a great deal! It just so happened that I came across an easy slow cooker recipe the other day, too. Put the chicken & a jar of salsa in. Cook 6-8 hours on low & voila!

I made this for dinner tonight & it was delicious. The chicken was so tender, it fell right off the bone. I used a large jar of Archer Farms (Target's brand) Peach Pineapple salsa. I poured a light coating into the Crockpot, poured a little into the chicken, placed the chicken in, & poured the rest of the salsa over it. It was a hit for Casinodad, The Princess & me. The other munchkins are too picky! Casinodad is taking leftovers mixed w/ egg noodles to work tomorrow. For dinner Thursday, I'll use the rest of the leftovers w/ tortillas.

Variations: use any flavor salsa; add a packet of taco seasoning mix; use other chicken parts if you don't like whole ones; the possibilities are endless!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Book & Movie Review - Lists & Wishes

With four munchkins, I don't have much time for reading anymore. When I was on bedrest with this last pregnancy, I read 10 books in 2 1/2 weeks. In the last three months, since The Saint was born (yes, believe it or not, he's three months old already!), I have read two books. I've started several, used a few for reference, but only started & finished two novels.

Just the other day, I finished the book Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomer. It is one of the books in her Blossom Street series & was pretty good. A small group of women formed a widow's group. They decide to make a list of twenty wishes to help them find happiness as they start a new phase of life w/out their husbands. Some of their wishes include: a trip to Paris w/ someone loved, dancing in the rain in barefeet, bringing joy to a stranger, learning to knit, etc. Throughout the book, they mention their lists to others, who in turn decide to make their own lists. The characters learn that wishes can come true, but not always in the expected way. (Isn't that the same as our prayers to God?)

That leads me to my movie review - The Bucket List w/ Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. Casinodad & I watched it a few weeks ago & loved it. They play two terminal cancer patients from different backgrounds who forge a friendship & decide to make a list of things they want to do before they "kick the bucket." Yes, it does deal w/ a serious topic, but being Jack Nicholson, the movie is full of humor. We laughed & cried. There was one conversation towards the end that had us laughing so hard, tears were rolling down our cheeks! The Prophet came downstairs at the time the characters were skydiving, so we let him watch for a bit. He thought it was hilarious, but it's not really a movie for kids since the F-bomb is used a couple of times.

Both of these have lead me to start thinking about my own list. I think the best books & movies are the ones that stay w/ you & keep you thinking long after they're done. Perhaps I'll start my own list here on my blog...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

6th Picture

I saw this on several other blogs & it looks like fun. Go to the sixth picture folder on your computer & pick the sixth picture in it to post.

How timely... this is me carving one of our pumpkins last year. We did two pumpkins & decorated them w/ Mr. Potato Head pieces. (see the finished products below)

Here we have a "Storm Pumpkin" & "Darth Pumpkin" ready to save our household from the evil clutches of the candy snatchers!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Nuff Said

As you can tell from all the newspaper articles, TV ads, blogs, etc., this is a huge election year. I won't go into all the pros & cons of both candidates, but I will say just this - to me this is an issue of race. No, not race as is color, but the human race. For me, that's what it all boils down to. Yes, the other issues are important, but this is the deciding factor. Morally, I cannot & will not vote any other way.

Enough said.