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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Happenings

The Christmas shopping is just about done & most of the presents are wrapped. The cards are sitting on the kitchen table just about ready to be mailed. (I just realized that I bought twice as many stamps as I needed. For some reason I was thinking they came in books of 10 not 20.) The house is simply decorated this year. We put up a smaller tree & just had the kids put their ornaments on this year. It looks really nice. My handpainted village is on top of the piano & the snowmen take up the bookshelves in the family room & the stove backing in the kitchen. Now to clean & get ready for Casinodad's dad who is coming to visit us for a few days next week. We are also hosting Christmas dinner here w/ his family.

In addition to the normal hustle & bustle of the Christmas Season, we've just finished up a round of colds in our household! It started w/ The Archangel & The Princess, then The Prophet & I got it, & finally Casinodad is just getting over his. It took a total of almost two weeks to go around completely. I knew that I was bound to end up w/ it after many sleepless nights w/ the muchkins & also cuddling w/ them. They've really had cabin fever between being sick & it being so cold here. We had a great snow a few weeks ago (about 4 inches) but they were unable to go play because they were sick. I'm just thankful that we got the colds out of the way before Christmas this year. We've missed many things in the past years because of being sick the week of Christmas.

So, I go from a cold straight into the morning sickness phase. Yes, I am pregnant w/ #4. I took a home pregnancy test the first Sunday of Advent, right before church. What could be better that starting out Advent w/ the expectation of another blessed miracle to come! A couple months ago, Casinodad looked at me & said that he was thinking about another one. I said that I was also. After much prayer, thought, & discussion, we decided to give it a go. Our baby is due Aug. 9 - the same weeked as our family reunion! I had pregnancy induced hypertension w/ all three of the munchkins & had to be induced early each time (2 weeks w/ the boys & 3 weeks w/ the Princess). So, most likely that will happen again. It does make it kind of nice since I don't have to wonder if it's time to go to the hospital. Although the induced contractions can be quite painful!

So far, I'm feeling pretty well - just very tired. It doesn't help that the past three weeks I've been working until at least 11pm at Target & we've all been sick. My tummy doesn't feel upset at the moment, but of course it is still early.

Have a truly blessed Christmas & a wonderful New Year!
Peace, munchesmom

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Forget the WIndex...

...use Vaseline instead! Remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Her father thought that Windex was the cure-all for everything. Got a cut on your finger? Just add a squirt of Windex! Well, in our household, our cure-all is Vaseline.

Chapped lips? Spread on some Vaseline.

Dry patch of skin on your (insert body part here)? Add a little Vaseline.

Sore throat or scratchy neck? Vaseline. Yes, that one actually seems to work for The Prophet. A couple of weeks ago, he was complaining of having a sore throat & his shirts seemed to irritate it. Casinodad suggested putting a little Vaseline on his neck & Voila! he was instantly healed. Now whenever his neck is bothering him for any reason, he just asks for some Vaseline.