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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Casinodad's Turn

Here's the proud papa w/ his baby boy!

The Saint w/ His Siblings

Here he is with his brothers & sister. They've really taken a liking to him, as you can see in the pictures. Left to right: The Archangel, The Prophet, & the Princess.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"The Saint" Has Arrived!

Meet "The Saint"! He was born on Mon. July 21, weighing in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. & measuring 20 inches long. If we had gone the full 40 weeks instead of being induced three weeks early, he probably would have been close to 9 lbs!
You can't see it from this photo, but he has a full head of dark, almost black hair & dark blue eyes. He has the chubbiest cheeks - the first comment from our doctor was about those cheeks! His head is well rounded, no cone shape.

Labor & delivery went well. We were able to come home Tues. night. He's a very content baby, only crying when hungry or being changed.

The munchkins are really in love w/ their baby brother & can't get enough of him. They keep saying how cute he is, wanting to hug & kiss him constantly. They've done very well holding him & have been very gentle. Tuesday night, he woke The Princess up w/ his crying. I went to check on her, reassuring her that he was okay & that should could go back to sleep. She said, "But I can't hear my sleep!" I turned on her music & closed her door, then she fell right back to sleep.
I'll post more pictures soon. I just wanted to introduce you to the new member of our family.
Peace, Munchesmom

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Update

Still on bedrest! Last week, my BP was up so high that my doctor put me in the hospital for two days. She wouldn't even let me run home to tie up a few loose ends first! Even though I didn't sleep well in the hospital, the bedrest there apparently worked. She let me come home as long as I promised to keep up the same type of rest - which I have.

Went for my appointment yesterday & my BP was actually down some. She wants to see me again on Fri. & has already scheduled me to be induced Sunday night. So, as long as everything goes well, our little guy will arrive sometime on Monday July 21. I guess I should change the name of this blog since it will now be Four Blessings!

Peace, Munchesmom

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bed Rest Time!

Well, the proposal story will have to wait a bit longer. This is a short post to let you, my dear readers, know that I won't be posting much for a bit. I am on bed rest until little man comes on his own or I reach 37 weeks in about a week & a half. My blood pressure went up some this past weekend so I am to lie down as much as possible. I'm feeling fine - I just need to check the BP occasionally & rest. This is nothing new to me, but in previous pregnancies the BP didn't go up until closer to my due date. Do you know how tough it is to lie on the couch watching your mom & mother-in-law take care of the munchkins, clean up, do the laundry, etc.? I keep wanting to hop up & help.

I'll keep you all informed!
Peace, munchesmom