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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Words from The Archangel

COMMENT #1: Last weekend, my mother-in-law watched the two little munchkins for us. I had to work while Casinodad & The Prophet were on a clothing drive run w/ our Small Church Community. When I got home from work, the house was cleaned up, the munchkins' rooms were straightened up, the laundry was running, The Princess was reading on the couch, & MIL was playing GeoTrax w/ The Archangel. I was pleasantly surprised & told her that she didn't have to do all of that while she was there. I even said that most of that stuff was on my list of things to do that weekend. The Archangel spoke up & said, "Your can erase your list now, Mommy!"

COMMENT #2: The other day, The Archangel was eating snack at the kitchen table. He paused to take a drink of my water, saying, "I need the water to wash my mouth down."

Another Birthday

A few days ago, Casinodad celebrated his birthday. He had to work, but was able to get off at 4pm to be home in time for dinner. I surprised him with his favorite food, pizza, & supplemented with frozen berries & a plate of fresh veggies. Also, I made him a brownie cake. I just used brownie mix from the box & added some chocolate chips to the batter. Once cool, I spread a layer of creamy peanut butter over the brownies & then a layer of chocolate frosting. He was very surprised when he got home & saw that the kitchen was clean & dinner was on the table.
Peace, munchesmom

Belated Birthday

The Princess turned three in February & I finally got around to uploading the pictures to our computer. I can't believe how fast she has grown! She had her three year checkup at the doctor yesterday, also belated by my fault. (I kept forgetting to make the appointment!) Since she was a baby, she's always been around the 50th percentile for height & weight. Well, that's all changed in the last year. She is now 67th in height & 80th in weight. She has definitely grown & is doing very well. (BTW- she & The Archangel are the same weight, even though they are almost two years apart!!)

When we arrived at the doctor's, she did very well in the waiting room & getting measured after the nurse called us in. As soon as we went into the exam room & I set her on the table, her face scrunched up & she started to cry. The Prophet had been talking to her about shots & she thought she was getting one. The nurse & the doctor both said that she was all caught up for age three. No more crying! She sat very still throughout her exam, but I could tell she was apprehensive - eyeing the doctor the whole time as if she didn't believe there were no shots.

Everything checked out well. He even checked her reflexes, which usually don't work until age five. My Princess is advanced for her age - both knees reflexed! Makes a mother proud ;)

She wanted Disney Princesses for her birthday theme. I usually make the munchkins' birthday cakes, but on this day I just didn't have the energy. So, my mom picked up at an angel food cake. I colored some icing a light turquoise & placed a Little Mermaid candle in the center. The Princess was pleased w/ my efforts, even though I didn't do much. FYI - icing, no matter how soft it is, does not spread well over angel food cake. Oh well, I just told everyone it was the sand from the beach!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Donuts, Martial Arts, & Support Hose, Oh MY!!

My sister & her family got me a giftcard to Kohl's for my birthday. I always put a lot of thought into how I spent my giftcards & try not to use them for "needed" stuff. Last week, on one of the blogs I found, the mother talked about homemade donuts that she'd made for her kids. I thought it sounded like a great idea. Last night, we went to Kohl's so Casinodad could buy some work clothes for himself. I decided to check out the bakeware & sure enough, they had a donut pan -- on sale, too! So, I used my giftcard. This morning, I made chocolate cake donuts for us & they were delicious & healthly, too! The pan makes one dozen & they are baked instead of fried. I used Splenda instead of sugar & skim milk. It was a hit w/ the kids! Next time I might even add a glaze or frosting...

On the way home, we stopped by a local martial arts academy & signed up The Prophet. We've been wanting to do this for years. Last summer, at the Relay for Life event we participate in, they had a demonstration & he really liked it. We've got him signed up for the four week trial period, which is $39 for 2x per week & includes his uniform. Not sure how we'll pay for the sessions afterwards, but I think it will be worth it for him.

Because it was so late, we stopped at a drugstore to get the munchkins their bedtime snack to eat on the way home. While there, I decided to see if they had support hose. Now, I'm not really wanting to wear them, but w/ this pregnancy, my legs having been sporting these wonderful varicose & spider veins! They started when I was pregnant w/ The Princess, but they didn't hurt until this time around. I figured that support hose might help, especially when I'm at work.