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Thursday, March 13, 2008

If I Were President...

With last week being our state's elections, The Prophet started asking questions. After talking awhile, he started telling me what he'd do if he were president. Being a homeschooling mom, I decided to make it into a lesson to put into his first grade portfolio. Here is his list of what he would do if he were president (all in his own words):

1) Make special fighting droids with special shields (Droid Akars)
2) Make stronger suits for the good army
3) Make big walkers (AT-AP Walkers)
4) Make the clone ship & walkers from Episode III (Are you noticing the Star Wars theme so far? I did ask him to think of other things too!)
5) I would give the people who robbed a few more chances.
6) I would make smoking illegal.
7) I would make the UN stronger.
8) I would stay up all night planning more presidential stuff.
9) I would make fire ships (for wildfires) & fire walkers with sprays on them. Battle fire boats, too.
10) Hurricanes - get people out of where the hurricanes are coming (use AT-AT walkers with fast legs)
11) Tornados - same thing
12) I would make builder soldiers to protect the poor people & build houses. They would make free jobs for the Moms & Dads. The bosses would be nice because the people would be poor.
13)Make schools safer - keep police guards, check everyone's pockets, police near stop signs so people don't ignore them
14) Make the world clean - every time you go for a walk, you talk a bage & gloves to pick up trash
15) Try as hard as I can to find a cure for cancer
16) Floods - roads closed down, water sucked up by suckwalkers who then take it to poor people who don't have enough water

Once we got past all the Star Wars ideas, I think he came up with some pretty good things to accomplish. Perhaps I should send his list to The White House...

A Rose Among Thorns!

Well, I am halfway through this pregnancy. Actually, if my blood pressure goes up in the last month like it did w/ the other munchkins, I'd say that I'm over halfway there. I had to be induced all three pregnancies due to pregnancy induced hypertension. The boys were two weeks early & The Princess was three weeks early. It was kind of nice though. I didn't have to wait around & wonder if I was truly in labor or not!

Had an ultrasound on Monday. We're having another boy! So, as my doctor said, The Princess will be a rose among three thorns :) We are very excited & really didn't have a preference this time around about the sex of the baby. Now, if I can get through the summer being pregnant, we'll be just fine! This will be my first summer pregnancy.