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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday's Ten - Ten of My Favorite Things to Drink (2nd post today)

1) Coffee w/ flavored creamers - I'm not addicted to it, but I love a fresh cup or two or three in the mornings. I rarely drink any after lunch, unless it's a "Mom Therapy" day w/ my dear friend!

2) Hot Tea - Two of my favorites are Lady Grey & Ginger Peach.

3) Ginger Ale - I don't drink pop often, but this is one of my favorites.

4) Root Beer - my other favorite pop

5) Margaritas - I don't drink alcoholic beverages often, either, but I do love a good margarita.

6) Plum Wine - YUM! I just might be having a glass of this when Casinodad & the munchkins take me to a Japanese restaurant for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

7) Raspberry Lemonade - very refreshing on a hot, summer day

8) Iced Tea - another refreshing summer drink

9) Green Machine (Naked brand juices) - It looks & sounds gross, but it Oh. So. Delicious!

10) Plain Old Water - Nothing beats this when I really get thirsty.