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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Ten - Saintly Adventures

Anyone who has a three year old in their life (especially a three year old boy) will understand & even empathize w/ the following list!

10 Things the Inquisitive Saint Has Done to Keep Us on Our Toes!

1) He gets into my purse or stands on the lower cabinets to reach & sneak a piece or two of gum.

2) When I bake cookies, I let them cool on wax paper on the counter. He will sneak in & grab a cookie or two, then come up to one of us w/ a sly grin (& cookie crumbs) on his face.

3) He likes to sit on my lap facing me, put both hands on my cheeks, then pat my neck telling me, "You're lumpy!"

4) A recent after lunch conversation:
The Saint: Can I have dessert?
Me: Not until your noodles are gone.
The Saint (a moment later): Mommy-uh, I threw away my noodles! Can I have dessert?

5) He is fascinated w/ our belly buttons. He'll come up, peer inside, & poke his finger into them.

6) Any spray or aerosol bottles w/in reach are fair game for spraying!

7) Toilet paper rolls...He stands in the bathroom, spinning the rolls & watching them unravel in a pile on the floor.

8) Markers are rarely used on paper w/ him & ANYTHING becomes an open canvas. It's always walls, floors, & his favorite...his skin. One day, he came to show me his purple fingernails. "Mommy-uh, I polish my nails!"

9) Speaking of nail polish...Saturday, Casinodad called me at work to let me know that The Saint had gotten into The Princess' nail polish. He painted his toes pink, the top of his foot blue, & used both colors on the wall, carpet, bed, & dollhouse in her room.

10) Last week, when I got home from the store & was putting groceries away, he grabbed the hand soap refill bottle I'd just bought & squeezed a couple ounces onto the front room carpet. The more I scrubbed, the sudsier it got!

I'm sure there are many other stories I could tell & that we will be able to add to this list in the future! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has such an adventurous three year old! Share your adventures!