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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Small Successes

Sherry, at Chocolate for Your Brain, hosts Small Successes each Thursday. Check it out to see others' successes & share your own. Recognizing the small things we accomplish each week helps us realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we are getting things done!

1) Made a shopping trip to Aldi in less than an hour, including the 15 minutes round trip driving. Granted, it wasn't a big trip, but it's amazing how quickly shopping goes when you're alone & don't have little ones begging for this & that!

2) While bagging my items, a lady made a comment on her way out about "people being rude & not letting others go ahead in line because they only had one item." I usually do that, but my mind was elsewhere & I didn't even think of it that time. My success...as I was going to the parking lot, I told her I knew her comment was directed at me & I apologized.

3)With Casinodad's (& The Archangel's) help, I finally got the storage containers out of the upstairs hallway & down to the crawlspace. They've only been in the hall for about 4 months or so!

Last Week's Goal...
Front room storage (I did get about 3/4 of the school cabinet cleaned out...Hey, it's a start!)

This Week's Goal...Finish front room; also, our new kitchen appliances will be delivered next week, so I need to clean around the fridge & stove. Dare I admit...while I knew you could move the fridge & clean, I really didn't know that you could pull the stove out & clean behind it. After 10 years in this house, I'm VERY afraid of what I might find. Pray for me!!!


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

That is such a huge success in your response to someone who obviously would not have responded in kind if the situation was reversed. I am usually quick with snarky comeback as my mouth often works faster than my brain! I'm glad that wasn't the case for you.