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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Ten - The Princess (2nd post today)

In honor of The Princess' 7th birthday today, I am dedicating Tuesday's Ten to her & sharing w/ you her love, beauty, & uniqueness.

1) She loves to be creative. Just this school year,
she has learned to finger knit, crochet, make potholders using a loom, latch hook, & started scrapbooking. She also loves to draw & sketch, make up her own crafts, & so much more.

2) Her favorite stores are craft stores...Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels...and usually will head straight to the yarn section.

3) She's a very faith-filled child & loves to hear stories of Jesus, Mary, & the saints.

4) She loves to pray the rosary & go to Mass.

5) She collects rosaries & all kinds of Christian items (books, statues, photos, etc.) For Christmas a couple years ago, when asked what she wanted, she said, "Stuff for my Catholic room!"

6) She would like to be a nun when she grows up.

7) She's tough...of course, she has to be w/ two older brothers & one younger one.

8) While she is tough, she can also be extremely loving & gentle, esp. w/ her 3 yo brother & cousin. She's just like a little momma when the three of them play together.

9) She's always been inquisitive. As a toddler, she got into HelpfulGrammy's spices in the basement & poured many of them all over the floor, eating several whole peppercorns. She once got into our dish soap & squirted a bunch on our front room carpet...the same w/ some of my makeup! (Now, The Saint has taken over & shows his curious side!)

10) Overall, she's been a wonderful, loveable blessing to us & we can't imagine how our lives would be if God had not entrusted her in our care.