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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Twenty-Three - Most Awkward 1st Impression You Feel You've Ever Given

I can't think of one particular instance where my first impression was awkward. I've found, though, that the awkward moments for me are the ones when I get caught off guard. This frequently happens at work where I may be in the middle of filing or filling out paperwork & someone comes up to ask a question. Because I am focused on my task, my mind has trouble shifting to the answer quickly enough & I just stumble on my words. I'm sure people walk away from me wondering what kind of blundering fool they've employed as a receptionist!

I first noticed this when I started working in the fitting room at Target a few years ago, after being a SAHM for several years. I had to relearn the art of carrying on a conversation w/ adults after being home w/ the munchkins all day. Thankfully most people understood & shared a laugh w/ me when I explained this to them!

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ViolinMama said...

Oh, I can so relate on this one.....