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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight - What is Your Definition of Happiness (Part Two)

A Moment You Remember Being Completely Happy in and a Description of Why You Believe You Were. What is Your Definition of Happiness?

There have been many moments throughout my life when I have been happy:
  • when I received my open-holed flute w/ a gold-plated mouthpiece for my 18th birthday
  • when I bought my first car (mostly on my own, but w/ a little of Dad's help)
  • when I was accepted into my first choice of colleges, then later for one of the study abroad programs
  • when Casinodad proposed to me (you can read the story HERE)
  • when I found I was pregnant w/ each of the four munchkins, then later when each was born
  • when The Prophet was a Mass server for the first time

I think true happiness, though, is found in the little things...realizing that not everything has to be grandiose to make me happy.
  • seeing the munchkins' faces light up when they finally grasp that math concept
  • watching how The Saint intently observes the ants on our kitchen floor w/ no fear or his recognition of Jesus on my necklace, at church, in our living room, anywhere
  • the freedom The Princess has to flutter & flit around the room, singing to her heart's content about the love of God
  • the smile I get from The Archangel when we bake something together
  • the proud expression The Prophet wears on his face when he comes to me w/ a new Lego creation
  • Casinodad's expression of joy to be home w/ us at the end of a long day.
  • the excitement on Christmas morning as the munchkins discover their new treasures
  • four munchkins wet, dirty, & happy from playing in the spring rain
Yes, these are the things of true happiness. I think the song Happiness from the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" sums it all up. I'm not a fan of Charlie Brown, but I have always liked this song.

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ViolinMama said...

Not a fan of Charlie Brown? Lovely would kick you from our house for sure....hahahaha!!!!

I LOVED your sentiments...gorgeous captures of life. What blessings you have to look at. I was worried when reading the other post you were at a loss for happiness,so I'm thrilled you found it!!