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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Thirty - Ways You Think You Have Grown in the Past 30 Days

I can't believe this meme is over already! The last 30 days have gone by so fast!

I think my biggest growth in the past 30 days has been in my writing skills & desire to write more. I've always liked to journal, but haven't always found the time to really devote to my personal thoughts. This meme has given me the opportunity & a reason to really put my thoughts down. Some of the questions were quite easy, while others were difficult. There have been some deep, probing questions that I probably wouldn't have thought to tackle on my own. It's also included some lighter topics, giving me some fun things to talk about.

I am sad that this is over, but I am anticipating the continuance of writing on my part. The munchkins are starting school today & they will be keeping a journal throughout the school year, writing in it a couple times a week. I have a jar of journal topics that they can choose from to get their writing creative juices flowing. I plan to write at the same time, choosing one of those topics for myself.

Want to join in this 30 Day Meme? You can get the complete list of daily topics HERE. Be sure to leave me a comment so I can read yours.