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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Ten - My Girls' Weekend (2nd post today)

This past weekend, I went to Hocking Hills to spend time w/ five wonderful women in my life. I'm the youngest & the only one who is not a grandmother, but none of us mind. This was our 7th year & the best so far!

Ten Things I Did on My Girls' Weekend
1) Shopping...art, craft, & antique stores & an Amish market (I found several classic books to add to our family collection, a book of daily readings by Mother Theresa, & an autobiography of Maria von Trapp)

2) Ate lunch at a cute little diner...it looks like one of those old fashioned diners from the 50s & the food was incredible

3) Laughed A LOT!

4) Cried A LOT!

5) Prayed A LOT...together & alone

6) Ate way too much!

7) Watched a movie (w/ no interruptions!!!)

8) Took a walk around the house we were staying in

9) Learned & got addicted to Sudoku

10) Stayed up late at nights & slept in each morning