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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Small Successes

Still hosted by Sherry of Chocolate for Your Brain, Small Successes can now be found at CatholicMom.com.
Here's the link. (But please don't forget about Sherry...she's an AWESOME writer w/ an incredible sense of humor & always has something great to read on her blog!)

Recognizing the small things we accomplish each week helps us realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we are getting things done!

1) I made two batches of rhubarb muffins from THIS recipe. They were quite yummy. I didn't have yogurt on hand, so I used sour cream & 1 t. of vanilla extract. Also for the topping, I didn't use nutmeg (Casinodad doesn't like it) or almonds (we didn't have any).

2) I've been working on school planning...printing books we'll need, started on write-ups I need to submit to our local school district, & ordered tests

3) I'm learning to knit! I tried crochet, but for some reason I could never get past the chain stitch & move on to the second row when on my own.