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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lovin' My Husband

Join us each week at Judy's blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings, to share how wonderful your husband is.

In this day & age, where so many women belittle, complain about, & just plain take their husbands for granted, Judy has created this wonderful meme. Each Tuesday, we celebrate our husbands by choosing three things we love about them. The hardest part of this meme? Narrowing it down to only three things!

So, here are three wonderful things about my dear hubby, Casinodad...

1) Lovin' my hubby for standing at the washing machine for a complete cycle & holding the lid switch so that our load of of laundry would finish. That's perseverance!

2) Lovin' my hubby for calling me a second time when he was away for one night last week. The first time, he talked to all of us. The second time he called to say he missed me & just wanted to hear my voice again before he went to bed. (I get my girls' weekend each year & he takes his own overnight trip away.)

3) Lovin' my hubby for making sure the munchkins are all bathed & the downstairs is straightened up each Saturday before I get home from work.


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

How nice of him to call a second time! My kids never want to talk :(.

Judy Dudich said...

#1 made me giggle...I hope he had a good book to read while standing there, LOL!

#2 is the sweetest thing I've ever read!

and #3 is an inspiration to all of us, married couples! Thank you, Casino Dad!