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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings

My dear blogging friend, Judy, over at A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings, hosts this meme every Wednesday. Simply list five things (or a prayer or any thoughts) for which you are truly thankful this week. Voicing my thanks helps put my life in perspective & realize that, no matter how bad things might be, there is still MUCH good surrounding me.

1) I'm thankful
we survived a 20 minute trip to the doctor's office for The Archangel's well-child visit yesterday. I think every crazy driver was out in full force & I can't even count the number of accidents we managed to avoid.

2) I'm thankful I realized, BEFORE we got to the van & drove away, that I left my purse on a shelf at the library yesterday morning. (I must have left my brain at home! Ever have one of those days?)

3) I'm thankful for YouTube DIY demos. That's how I figured out how to replace the lid switch on our washing machine.

4) I'm thankful (once again) for great treasures I find at Goodwill. I took The Prophet to look for some shorts & of course I had to look at other stuff while there! I found a large box full of at least 12 binders, a bunch of folders, & more for ONLY $1.99, a 3-hole punch for 49 cents, another packet of folders for 99 cents, & four more books less than $1 each...AWESOME finds for a homeschooling Mama! And yes, we did find his shorts, too!

And to wrap up today's list of thanks, I am sharing this great morning prayer from a book I just finished the other night, The Cross Country Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini...it's part of the Elm Creek Quilters series. This is from Vinnie, an 82 yo character. Even though I'm less than half her age, I really like it & say something similar each morning.

"You didn't take away my aches and pains in the night like I asked You to, but at least You let me see another day, and at my age I ought to be grateful for that."


Colleen said...

Your list is awesome!
I can relate to # 1. I wonder how I survive driving home from work sometimes!
#3 has been helpful to me lately!
And I love the prayer too!
God bless!

Susan said...

I too love how YouTube fills this practical void. The how to videos are such a Godsend in a pinch. I learned how to replace my computer's hard drive last year and it saved me a bundle.

Judy Dudich said...

I love youtube DIY's too!
And your Goodwill finds qualify for Small Successes this week FOR SURE!
WOO HOOOOOOOO! (I was glad you told us that you found the shorts, at the end, because I was wondering! LOL)