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Friday, July 29, 2011

Where I'm From

Dear Judy, my wonderful blogging friend, posted this fun blog activity. Following the outline for a poem by George Ella Lyons (find the template HERE), you create your own "Where I'm From" poem. Let me know if you give this a try...I'd love to read about where you're from!


Where I’m From

I am from soaps and cleaners,
From Tone and Palmolive, from Snuggle and Pledge

I am from the home on a hill –
Sledding in winter and avoiding the creek…mostly,
Biking barefoot in summer…foot caught in spokes…lesson learned,
Somersault races in spring and fall…grass in hair and stains on clothes.

I am from the mint for our tea,
Green beans snapped on warm summer nights…more eaten than stored,
A pine tree, given in third grade, now twice as tall as me 30 years later.

I am from holiday decorations and nearsightedness,
From HandyGramps and HelpfulGrammy
From (last names removed for anonymity)

I am from the teller of jokes and eyes in the back of her head,
From “Be nice to your sister!” and “I love you!”

I am from the crucifix and the rosary, weapons of my Faith –
Comfort for sorrows, healing for pain
Joy of salvation, Heaven’s eternal promise.

I’m from Ohio, yet a melting pot…a mutt of the world:
Five eighths Italian, then German, Irish, & much more
From rigatoni & ravioli, to pizzelles and biscotti,
Add a bit of sauerkraut and potatoes, stuffed peppers and zucchini.

From the brandied cherries, accidently given to Dad at age two,
Two parents who played as kids, not dating until after high school,
And from first time desert driving…in the rain!

I am from frames hung around the family room,
albums on shelves, scrapbooks of memories,
reflections of the times gone past…
Gone but not forgotten.


Colleen said...

Great fun poem! You did a great job with it.