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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Successes

Sherry at her blog, Chocolate for Your Brain, hosts Small Successes each Thursday. Check it out to see others' successes & share your own. Recognizing the small things we accomplish each week helps us realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we are getting things done!

1) I recovered our kitchen chairs. About 2 years ago, I got tired of the spotted, faded, stained cushions on the chairs, so I purchased a couple waterproof, fabric shower curtains from the dollar store. They worked great & were easy to clean. Thankfully, I only needed part of one package & had plenty left over to recover them again. A little Murphy's Oil Soap to clean up the chairs & they are almost looking new!

2) The kitchen is still clean & de-cluttered from the deep cleaning!

3) We finally started doing some of the schoolwork I'd been promising the munchkins we'd do this summer. I kept putting it off, but finally decided to push through & just do it! I even found some fun Harry Potter educational activities for The Prophet since he's been reading the books lately (Harry Potter math problems, journal ideas, etc.)


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

What a great week!

*kate said...

What a great idea for covering your chairs! Fabulous :)

SherryTex said...

Okay, now I'm curious about the project for HP books!

JJ's Mom said...

Wonderful! How great that the HP activities fell in time with the final movie being released? Are there plans to treat to the movie once the educational stuff is done?!?