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Friday, August 31, 2012

Extreme "Name" Makeover - The Big Reveal

When The Prophet was born almost 12 years ago, I gradually started calling him Munchkin. Over time, I shortened it to Munch & thought it was a cute nickname. So, when it came time to decide on my email & blog names, I thought Munch's Mom was perfect. The email & blogger programs wouldn't allow the apostrophe, so I became Munchesmom. This worked out great as we added more blessings to our family...Munches was plural already, so I didn't need to change anything.

Now, the Munchkins are getting older & all of them are in the upper end of the chart for height. The Prophet will be 12 in November & is already almost as tall as me. (I can even wear his shoes!) We've had to move up to men's shirts for him. It's hard to think of them as Munchkins anymore (even though they will ALWAYS be my babies!)

For some time now, I have been using my real name when commenting on blog posts of others. I've not been feeling very creative lately, so I'm having trouble coming up w/ another codename for myself. While I am still going to keep the other names on my blog coded, I will now refer to them as Blessings instead of Munchkins. I have also decided to let you know who hubby & I really are here on my blog

So, without further ado, we will now be known as...

(create your own drum roll here, please)

M a r i a & M a t t