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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Voting by Catholic Conscience - The Five Non-Negotiables

2012 is a Presidential Election Year! (I just thought I’d mention that in case anyone wasn’t aware…perhaps living under a rock, in outer space, or something!) If you’re like me, you get tired of being inundated w/ the NUMEROUS political ads on TV & mailers, as well as the constant barrage of automated phone calls from both sides.

Each year, choosing the best candidate gets tougher & tougher. They spend more time telling us what their opponent is doing wrong instead of sharing their own ideas & vision w/ us.

As a Catholic, voting can be a little bit easier by following a set of guidelines…The Five Non-Negotiables for Catholics. These five items are morally offensive & go against our Catholic teachings. Therefore, if we purposely vote for a candidate who supports any of these five issues, we are putting our own souls at risk.

1) Abortion – Life begins at conception, therefore, aborting at ANY time during a pregnancy is murder of a child. Any candidate who supports abortion, even if they claim to be pro-life for themselves, is NOT a pro-life candidate.

2) Euthanasia – God has ordained a specific time for each of us to be on earth & only HE can decide when it’s time for someone to die. Putting someone “out of their misery” is not the compassionate act many believe it to be…it is homicide.

3) Fetal Stem Cell Research – Scientists have shown that adult stem cells can be just as useful, but without harm to adults.

4) Human Cloning – Besides being contrary to moral & natural law, human cloning can also lead to a form of homicide in the destruction of unsuccessful clones.

5) Homosexual Marriage – A true marital union is between one man & one woman…that’s it!


Information for this blog post came from the following guide by the Catholic Answers team. Click on the link below for the complete guide, which includes more voting tips.

Voters' Guide for Serious Catholics by Catholic Answers