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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Tuesday's Ten" - Gifts I'd Like to Receive

Well, The Prophet chose yesterday's journal exercise, so for today I asked The Archangel to choose something for me. Because it is Tuesday's Ten, he chose...

Gifts I'd Like to Receive
(This is a lot tougher than I thought it would be!)

1. A new mothers' ring...the one I have was a gift from Casinodad after I had The Prophet. It has two birthstones (mine & The Prophet's) and a diamond chip on either side. This ring actually worked out perfectly until The Saint was born. (The Archangel & Casinodad share a birth month, so the diamond chips worked for them & The Princess was born in the same month as me.)

2. Peace in our family

3. Some new shoes (or to make it easier on the gift giver, gift cards to a shoe store)...I don't need a lot & I don't have a shoe obsession, I'd just like to have a couple comfortable, nice-looking pairs of shoes.

4. New kitchen appliances...ours are the originals from this house (we've been here 10 years & it was built in 1997). They still work, but probably not for much longer.

5. A new couch...ours is old, uncomfortable, & falling apart

6. A good night's rest...I really do not sleep well anymore, even though The Saint is finally starting to sleep through most nights. A full night's, decent rest would be wonderful!

7. A house a bit further out in the country w/ a little bit of land

8. Extra time in my day (and that I'm not too tired to use it wisely)

9. For peace of mind in helping The Archangel w/ his issues

10. For a long family vacation to DC/Williamsburg/the beach


Mom to 5 Boys said...

#2-HAHAHAHA-Peace? In your house? Never gonna happen!!!
#5-A new couch? I'm insulted! LOL!