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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondays About Me - Finding Peace in the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On our living room wall, right in the middle of our family photos, is a print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have had this print since I was a little girl and as a child, I always kept it on the mirror of my dresser.

One day, several years ago, I came across it, stored with other photos & prints. I decided to frame it & place it among our family photos -- after all, isn't Christ to be the center of our families? The print itself is about 5x7 with a gold border around it. I used scrapbooking tape to adhere it to a sheet of dark green cardstock and placed it in an antique 8x10 gold frame. I chose green because it matches our living room, but also because of the contrast to the light and gold of Christ's image.

This print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the more popular images. I am no where near being an art scholar, but the lighting painted into this print is just beautiful. In the morning, I sit in a chair across the room to read & pray, the only light being the one next to me. Occasionally, I'll glance up at Jesus -- to pray, to gaze upon Him, or to just try to listen to Him. The light in the print radiates from His head, around His eyes, & all around His Heart. The more I look, the more real He becomes. It's almost like a photograph of Jesus, rather than a print. His eyes are so soft & gentle, gazing upon me as I gaze upon Him. His eyes follow wherever I go in the room. What comfort I find when I sit in the silent darkness of the morning, along with my Lord.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Place My Trust in Thee

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee,
Whatever may befall me, Lord, though dark the hour may be;
In all my woes, in all my joys, though nought but grief I see,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee.

When those I loved have passed away, and I am sore distressed,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I fly to Thee for rest.
In all my trials, great or small, my confidence shall be
Unshaken as I cry, dear Lord, I place my trust in Thee.

This is my one sweet prayer, dear Lord, my faith, my trust, my love,
But most of all in that last hour, when death points up above,
O sweet Savior, may Thy face smile on my soul all free.
Oh may I cry with rapturous love, I've placed my trust in Thee.

(I found this prayer at 2 Hearts Network, Inc.)