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Friday, November 26, 2010

Macy's Parade Took a Major Detour

I'll admit that I've not always been a big fan of watching parades, especially after marching in so many throughout high school. Now that I have the munchkins though, I think it should be part of their childhood. So, yesterday morning, I turned on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, telling The Saint that there would be lots of character balloons to see. He was so excited as he sat on my lap watching & waiting, waiting & watching. Boy, did those balloons fall flat!

I had the parade on for about 40 minutes. Do you know how much of the parade itself we saw? Maybe three minutes, at the most, when they went to commercials...and even then the middle of the screen was covered w/ ads. What did we see in between the commercials? We saw Meredith & Matt talking...discussing how close the parade route was to their location or sharing new TV shows. We saw a performance from some group of accapella singers...basically an ad for their show starting soon. We saw Al Roker being extremely obnoxious trying to talk to a high school's percussion members AS THEY WERE PERFORMING. (I was in marching band...I know how annoying, distracting, & rude that is!) We also saw Al Roker sitting in the stands talking to TV actors for NBC shows. Can you say, "Publicity stunt!"

Where was the actual parade? Such a disappointment! I felt so bad for The Saint...he kept asking for the balloons.

Okay...my rant is over now! Other than that, we had a GREAT Thanksgiving. I'll try to get a post up in the next few days, including pictures. I took a bunch!


Angela said...

I agree - there was no "parade." I am not a fan of them for the most part - for the same reasons you listed. Bob likes to watch them. But I was disappointed in how everything focused on a performing stage, rather than on the actual marching and all that.