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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Catholic Company Book Review - "The Locket's Secret" by K. Kelley Heyne

The Locket's Secret is K. Kelley Heyne's first young adult novel. It is the story of 13 year old Carrie & her family's move across country, from Washington to Wisconsin, where her father is starting a new job. Leaving her friends, her home, & someone very precious to her, this move has been devastating for Carrie.

To help cope with the changes in her life, Carrie escapes into her make-believe world...the story of Princess Caritas & how she tries to save her royal family from her traitorous uncle.

From the very beginning, young adult readers will find themselves immersed in two stories...Carrie's real life & Princess Caritas' adventures. However, it soon becomes apparent that the stories are intertwined. A serious event scares Carrie & her family. It's only when her three year old brother asks her not to "go away" when she realizes that, as the oldest, she needs to be there for her brothers & not escape into Princess Caritas.

I felt this book was well written. As a homeschooling mom, I liked that Carrie & her brothers are homeschooled. The author homeschools her own children & was homeschooled herself. 

Also, the transitions between Carrie's life & Princess Caritas were easy to follow. It was nice to read a story written for young adults that gives them a sense of family, faith, & real life issues without all the agendas, violence, & inappropriate story lines common in many of today's young adult books. I had no qualms or hesitations in allowing my older two boys (ages 12 & 10) to read it. These boys read it within 3-4 days (& if you know these two Lego-loving addicts, reading a chapter book that quickly is a sign of a great book...even if it is mostly about a girl!)

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