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Monday, May 27, 2013

Light in the Darkness - The Kindness of Strangers

Welcome to my Light in the Darkness meme! (If you missed my post on the inspiration for this meme, you can read all about it HERE.)

This is the place to share good things that are happening in our world...whether it's a link to a news article/video, something from your personal experience...anything good that can bring light into darkness!
Today I want to share the kindness I received from five strangers this past Friday. 

I decided to take a trip to Lowes for some topsoil, so that I could finish planting my seeds. This was to be a quick trip since Lowes is just five minutes from our home. I arrived home two & a half hours later, after the van refused to start up in their parking lot, meeting two different AAA roadside assistance drivers, & a trip to the closest Chrysler dealership. 

While waiting in Lowes parking lot w/ my parents (who met me there), I encountered several people who showed me that kindness DOES indeed still exist among strangers. 

The first was from the first AAA employee. After we found that the battery & starter were fine, he called for a tow truck. As we were transferring my bags of topsoil & sand to my parents' car, he stepped over & helped us.

While we waited for the tow truck, three Lowes customers came over (at different times) to ask if we needed assistance or a jump. As we'd already found out, the van was beyond jumping!

Once the tow truck driver arrived, the first thing he had me do was try to start it so he could hear what it sounded like. Well, it started right up! I decided to keep it running & take it straight to the dealership. He said that was a good idea & that he would follow me to make sure I made it there w/out stalling. At the dealership, he pulled in behind me & got out to offer a few other suggestions (because he has a 2000 version of our van), gave me his card, & made sure that I had a ride back home. (My parents met me there). Now that's going above & beyond the service call, in my opinion!

I am so thankful for the people God placed in my life Friday to help me out.

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

Scott Adams (1957), Creator Of Dilbert Comic Strip


Colleen said...

Wow. That is awesome! We had a similar experience once when we were on vacation. Isn't it wonderful to meet people like this? God is good!