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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Catholic Company Book Review - Set Free: The Authentic Catholic Woman's Guide to Forgiveness by Genevieve Kineke

"Forgiveness is a decision,
not a feeling." (pg. 31)

I recently finished another great book for The Catholic Company's reviewer program..."Set Free: The Authentic Catholic Woman's Guide to Forgiveness" by Genevieve Kineke

As stated on the back cover, "...Genevieve weaves biblical truths and real-life stories together in a way that reveals the heart of forgiveness..." I think the word "weave" is the perfect word to describe her style of writing in this particular book. In a seamless way, she truly has woven each story (from trivial to traumatic) with biblical truths to support them.

Drawing on the fact that a woman's vocation is to love, Ms. Kineke helps her readers understand that forgiveness is essential in receiving the fullness of God's grace. The first few chapters explain this feminine vocation, as well as give a basic understanding of sin, grace, & forgiveness. She tackles some common adages..."forgive and forget" & "forgiving oneself". She explains the theological case for forgiving, using examples of Jesus & the saints. And she helps readers understand that forgiving leads to peace of mind, resulting in a freedom of the soul.

For many years, I have been struggling to forgive a wrong done to me. Did reading this book relieve that burden from me? No, but it did help me understand the process of forgiving & answered several questions I believe have been holding me back. While I am still not ready to fully forgive, I feel closer to it that I did prior to reading this book. The quote at the beginning of this post really caught my attention. Forgiveness truly is a decision!

I must say that I really like the simple image on the cover of the book, too. It features a small bird sitting on top of a birdcage. The cage door is open & the bird is looking upward, toward the freedom now within its grasp because it is no longer held back in the cage.

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