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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Catholic Company Book Review - "Candy Canes in Bethlehem"

Candy Canes in Bethlehem 
by Miriam Van Scott
Illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner

Five year old Daniel is given the task of setting up the nativity scene for All Saints Parish. What starts as a boring task, while other children seem to have more important & special ones, soon becomes a fun lesson in how people of various cultures celebrate Christmas. Learn along with Daniel why a kangaroo or an origami crane are placed alongside the Holy Family & the Wise Men.

I found this to be a sweet story of a young boy discovering what Christmas truly means for all the world. I asked my older two boys (ages 12 & 9) to read it & let me know what they thought. Then I read it to my younger daughter & son (ages 7 & 4). While I think the book is geared more toward lower elementary aged children, all of my children really liked the story & it will be a welcome addition to our Christmas book collection.

The author does mention a website to go along with the book that includes recipes, crafts, trivia & more. However, when I went to look it up prior to writing this review, the site was under construction & not available. I hope this is only temporary. While the book briefly touches on the various traditions, I think it would make a great introduction to an in-depth study of how Christmas is celebrated around the world & the website would be a great help in that study.

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