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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday to My Firstborn

Today, my "baby", The Prophet turned 12. Is it really possible that he's going to be a teen in just one year? I just can't believe it! He already stands up to my nose...oops, I just checked, he stands up to my forehead! It won't be much longer until he's taller than me.

He has grown into such a sweet, kind young man & we are very proud of him. Sure, he has moments where we wonder what on earth he was thinking...don't all parents? Yet, through it all, he's proven time & again that he can really be dependable, helpful, & loving. 

The Prophet
T - Talented
H - Helpful
E - Enthusiastic

P - Playful
R - Real
O - Ornery
P - Prayful
H - Healthy
E - Enjoyable
T - True

This link will take you to his Birth Story from two years ago.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Lego-loving, faith-filled, wise son! We love you so much & are so proud of you. I thank God daily for entrusting the care of your soul to us.