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Monday, November 19, 2012

Homeschool Blessings


I'm so excited to participate in Judy's new meme...Homeschool Blessings. 

Judy says, "It's easy! It's fun! And, it gives you a chance to reflect on the blessings, joys, and adventures of your homeschooling life!

Want to participate, too? Stop by her blog (link above) every Monday, add the above image to your blog post, & share your homeschool blessings & joys. Don't have a blog? No problem...just head over to her blog post each Monday & list your blessings & joys in the comments section.

1) Taking earlier & longer holiday breaks to focus on the season.

2) If our Blessings find a topic that they're really interested in, they can continue to read & study it, instead of quickly moving onto the next topic.

3) Learning can take place in any part of the house...cuddling on the couch or a bed to read a book, sitting at the kitchen table, sprawling out on the floor, sitting on the porch...anywhere!

4) I don't have to worry about the Blessings missing school when unexpected things happen. 

5) They can have all the physical activity they need or want...which in the end helps them to focus more once they've gotten all those wiggles out!


Lisa said...

What an awesome list! I so agree with all of them! There are so many blessings in homeschooling. :-)