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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Remaking a Skirt!

I've been following Marisa Lynch's New Dress a Day blog for over a year now. Her book, by the same title, just came out last month. When she lost her job several years ago, she decided to purchase her clothing from thrift stores & remake them. Her original goal was to spend just one dollar a day on clothing to remake. I don't always like everything she's redone, but she has made over MANY great outfits. She's also been an inspiration to women all over the world, including me. I've made over some denim dresses that had torn or just didn't look right on me anymore & I fixed up a couple of tops that were too low-cut on The Princess.

A couple of months ago, we had some family photos taken & we were originally going to have everyone in khaki pants or skirts. At Goodwill, I couldn't find anything in The Princess' size. In the women's section, I found what would be too short (IMO) for a woman. However, it was the perfect length for The Princess, w/ a little bit of adjustment on the width. So, I bought it.

I cut it right down the middle in the front, taking off about eight inches of the width. Then, using HelpfulGrammy's sewing machine (which she'd given to me earlier in the year) I sewed it back together & VOILA! a new skirt! 

Snip, Snip...off go about eight inches (not sure why the photo is sideways!)

The finished product

The Princess...modeling her new skirt