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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HandyGramps on Aging (2nd post today)

Last month, I wrote up a blog post on turning 40. You can read it HERE if you missed it. I was very touched by an email HandyGramps sent to me in response to that post. With his permission, I am posting it here for you to read.

"As I approach 70 (2 years, 43 days from now!) I look back on a life that took so many twists and turns -- mostly away from the directions I had planned on -- I see a lot of both failures and successes. Many of those successes were things I had never dreamed of, such as being a deacon, being published, and having 9 grandchildren (my greatest success, next to having a wonderful wife and two marvelous daughters -- which, of course, contributed greatly to that particular success). Looking at where I am now in life, the many failures do not seem so terribly important.

In my late teens, I had wanted to be an aeronautical engineer who would design AND fly my creations. Unfortunately, a few un-named circumstances got in the way of my going to college, and I ended up working for Bell Labs (I still do not have a college degree, and probably never will). If I were to map my course through my 30 years at BTL, I'd be at this terminal for at least a week, 24/7. To make a long story short, as I approach 70, I do not feel old (except like you, the varied aches and pains). I have the same mind that I've had all my life -- an active, creative mind that I hope stays that way until I'm at least 100. Whoever said that you're only as old as you feel did not mean how your body feels, but how your mind feels. So, I will admit, there will always be a little kid in me. Pass the comic books and turn on the cartoons. Here I come!
In the meantime, dear daughter, enjoy 40. It will lay the groundwork for you to enjoy something similar - 10 years hence."
Thanks, HandyGramps! I credit many of my life's successes to the tender loving care of you & HelpfulGrammy. You've set wonderful examples for Momto5Boys
& me.