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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovin' My Husband

It's Tuesday...time for Judy's new meme! As she says, "In a world where people are always griping and complaining and the 'norm' for women's get-togethers seems to be to 'down' the husbands, we have taken the reins in an effort to do the opposite: BUILD UP THE MEN WE LOVE!"

So here I am to do just that...sharing about my dear hubby, Casinodad. If you'd like to participate, share about your husband: 3 ways you've been blessed by him, what makes you love him so, pictures, stories, anything! Then, go to Judy's meme blog to link up!

1) Lovin' my husband for not being afraid of doing the dishes...although he does have a habit of leaving an item or two unwashed (I think I've teased him enough about it that he does it on purpose now!)

2) Lovin' my husband for getting us back on track w/ our evening Rosary. We got away from it the past few weeks due to some other Lenten prayers & devotions. He made sure we started back up after dinner.

3) Lovin' my husband for blessing our children each night before bed. During confession a couple years ago, the priest suggested he get some holy water to bless their foreheads at night. He has done it since & they love him little prayers to help them fall asleep.


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Casino Dad is AWESOME! Woo hoo! God BLESS him!
That last one overflowed my heart with JOY; to imagine him blessing his children each night....so, SO sweet.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful hubby with us!