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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growing Our Family Garden (2nd Post Today)

Back in December, one of the book reviews I did for The Catholic Company was Homegrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family by Heidi Bratton. At the time, because it was for review, I just read through the chapters & reflections questions instead of taking the full year it's intended for. I am now going through it again, more slowly so that I can take the time to fully reflect on it. I read the chapter on Monday. On Tues.-Fri., I reflect on the four questions (one for each day) & record my thoughts in a small journal

This week's chapter is "Getting on Track and Bearing Good Fruit." Today's question asked me to think of my children as my garden & describe or draw a picture of what plant or fruit I feel they are. This was a fun exercise & I'd like to share w/ you the garden of children Casinodad & I are raising...

The Prophet - Corn
He's grown so tall in the past couple of years. He can be a bit "corny" at times! He may look & act tough on the outside, but beneath that thick skin, he's a loving & caring sensitive young man.

The Archangel - Strawberries
He still needs that extra time & care to ripen. He can be very tart, esp. if not rested enough or feeling well. When he is sweet, he is very loving & affectionate, appreciative & delightful.

The Princess - Roses
She's a delicate & sensitive soul, who can take things very personally at times. Be careful in handling her so that you'd don't get pricked by her thorns or damage her soft petals. She brings joy & delight w/ her beauty...inside & out.

The Saint - Onions
There are many layers to him & his personality. He's playful, energetic, moody, inquisitive, loveable, cuddly, & so much more. Just as there are many varieties of onions (sweet, sharp, hot, flavorful, strong), there are many varieties of The Saint.

I read these answers to the munchkins this afternoon & they each felt I chose the perfect plant for them. The Prophet's favorite vegetable is corn, The Archangel loves strawberries, The Princess loves roses, & The Saint, believe it or not, loves to eat raw onions!

So, how does your garden grow?


Mom to 5 Boys said...

Definitely the right choices! I think they fit them to a tee! I'll have to sit and think about my kids and what garden item they would be.