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Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Turning the big 4-0

Well, I'm coming up to the end of my first month of being 40! I thought I'd list some of my thoughts on being "Over the Hill" as people like to say.

  • Sure I joked to others about being old now, but truthfully...it really did not bother me to turn 40. Basically, it was just another birthday to me.
  • I began to feel old long before my birthday w/ all the lower back pain I've had the past couple years. I think the Move Free supplements have really helped. My back does still bother me if I'm on my feet a lot, grocery shopping, or am not careful w/ how I sit or hold myself.
  • Despite feeling old, I really don't look my age (unless you get close & observe my gray/white hairs). When I was 13, someone thought I was 18. Now, many people are shocked to hear that I am 40 & have four children.
  • My genetic history is taking root...I'm on medication for underactive thyroid (from HandyGramps) & high blood pressure (from HelpfulGrammy). Also, at my physical last week, there were some irregular heartbeats during my EKG. (Heart problems are on both sides of my family.) I am currently awaiting the results of the 24 heart monitor I had on the other day to see if it's a fluke or a problem.
  • Blood work from my physical showed the medications I'm on are working. However, my cholesterol & fat levels are up. Instead of medication at this time, my doctor wants me to try diet & exercise for the next 3 months first.
  • My first gray hair didn't appear until I was about 31. For years, I only had a couple of them here & there. Now, there are many stray, wiry strands sticking out around my head. They're not as visible if I wear my hair down, but when it's pulled back or up, you can definitely see that gray growth. Also, I keep finding white hairs in my eyebrows. For every one I pluck, it seems two more appear! I'm thinking I will follow the maternal side of my family when it comes to hair color. HelpfulGrammy's hair is beginning to show more shades of white than gray. Her mom & her sisters had beautiful, white hair...well, except for the one who was a HEAVY smoker & had more of a dull yellow tint to her hair.
  • Is it just me or does the number 40 in my profile (see the sidebar on the right) look really BIG compared to the rest of the text there?
Am I where I thought I'd be at this age? Not really, but I'm definitely in a much better place! When I graduated high school, I had plans to be an elementary music teacher, married w/ maybe two kids. While I did get that college degree, I chose not to go for a teaching job. Now I am happily married & we've been blessed w/ four beautiful children. I homeschool the munchkins, work a part-time job on Saturdays, keep our home running, & though much prayer, strive to be the best wife & mother I can be. Sure I fail many times & we have those rough days (more than I care to count!), but I wouldn't trade this life for anything!