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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the Level with HandyGramps

WOW! These are powerful! The first half (Sharon's letter) came from Patrick Madrid (not sure whether he personally wrote it or if he'd gotten it elsewhere). HandyGramps decided to take it a step further & write the second letter (Tommy's). 

The following is FICTION; but is our society headed in this direction?  Think about it!

January 22, 2023

Dear Mom,
            Can you believe it is already the year 2023?  I’m still writing ’22 on everything!  It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in the first grade and celebrating the change to a new century.
            I know we really haven’t chatted since Christmas, Mom, and I’m sorry.  Anyway, I have some difficult news to share with you and, to be honest, I really didn’t want to call or talk about this face to face.
            But before I get to that, let me report that Ted just got a big promotion; and I should be up for a hefty raise this year if I keep putting in all those crazy hours.  You know how I work at it.  (Yes, we’re still struggling to pay the bills.)
            Little Tommy’s been okay at kindergarten, although he complains about going.  But then, he wasn’t happy about the day-care center either.  So what can we do?
            He’s been a real problem, Mom.  He’s a good kid, but quite honestly, he’s an unfair burden on us at this time in our lives.  Ted and I have talked this through, and we have finally made a choice.  Plenty of other families have made the same choice and are really better off today.
            Our pastor is supportive of our choice.  He pointed out that the family is a system, and the demands of one member shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the whole.  The pastor told us to be prayerful and to consider all the factors as to what is right to make our family work.  He says that even though he probably wouldn’t do it himself, the choice is really ours.  He was kind enough to refer us to a children’s clinic near here, so at least that part is easy.
            Don’t get me wrong, Mom.  I’m not an uncaring mother.  I do feel sorry for the little guy.  I think he heard Ted and me talking about this the other night.  I turned and saw him standing at the bottom of the stairs in his PJs with his little teddy bear that you gave him under his arm, and his eyes were sort of welled up in tears.
Mom, the way he looked at me just about broke my heart, but I honestly believe this is better for Tommy, too.  It’s just not fair to force him to live in a family that can’t give him the time and attention he deserves.
            And please, Mom, don’t give me the kind of grief that grandma gave you over your abortions.  It’s the same thing, you know.  There’s really no difference.
            We’ve told Tommy he’s just going for a “vaccination”.  Anyway, they say the termination procedure is painless.  I guess it’s just as well that you haven’t seen that much of Tommy lately.
            Please give my love to dad.

Your daughter, Sharon.

Several weeks after the “vaccination” – oddly enough on what would have been Tommy’s seventh birthday – Sharon found the following letter on her pillow.  It was handwritten in an elegant, beautiful script, in gold ink on paper with a pearl-like finish.

Dear Mom,
It’s me, Tommy.  I’m in Heaven.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful here that you couldn’t even imagine.  One of the wonderful things about Heaven is that there is no time.  With a few exceptions, we can not only see things that happened long ago but we can see things that haven’t happened yet – at least on Earth.  I’ve met a lot of beautiful people since I got here, including my aunt and three uncles who were never born because grandma chose not to have them.  And the angels, Mom, they are such a joy.  I wish you could meet my guardian angel.  He held my hand at the clinic so I wasn’t afraid.
What is really neat in Heaven is that we all see one another as we really are.  We don’t see babies or old people or anyone in between.  That’s because our bodies really aren’t us.  We are all simply beautiful people who radiate infinite love, a love that is a reflection of God who is Love.  And, when God raises our bodies at the end of time, our bodies will glow with such glory that you would not recognize us.  It makes me sad that you and grandma may not be able to share in that.  All you have to do is to accept God’s mercy and forgiveness like so many others like you have.  You can open yourself to His grace.  That’s a choice you do have the right to make.
I’m looking forward to seeing Dad and his new wife, Angela, here in Heaven.  After the two of you separated, he met her.  She was working with an organization that believes life is a precious gift from God, and that it should never be seen as an inconvenience – or an unfair burden.  She got him to rethink the choice you and he made, and he turned to God for forgiveness.  In fact, Dad is going to become a United States senator and sponsor a lot of bills in Congress to prevent abortions and euthanasia.  Their efforts to teach people to respect all life will one day extend around the world.  It’s too bad that everyone can’t be as Christian as Dad and Angela will be.
It’s really a shame that a lot of folks will never see how wonderful their children are.  I’ve met so many – millions – who were not allowed to be born, or who were terminated as I was.  A lot of them would have been scientists who could have built colonies on other planets and done things to make Earth a better place to live.  So many others would have discovered cures for a lot of the diseases that afflict people, a lot sooner than the discoveries will be made.  One, a real character, would have been a comedian who made people laugh and feel good about themselves.  She is a real treat to be around.  There is so much talent here that was never allowed to blossom.
Well, Mom, I have to go now.  A group of us – several thousand of us, in fact – are getting ready to stand before God’s throne and sing praise to Him.  We do that a lot.  It was, after all, His love that made us who we are.  You see, we belong to God, not to one another.  So we really don’t have the right to decide who lives and who doesn’t.  It’s too bad that you never understood that.

I love you and continue to pray for you,

Your son, Tommy

Then, as tears filled Sharon’s eyes, the letter vanished.