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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Catholic Company Book Revies - Catholic Update Guide to Vatican II

I am a product of the post-Vatican II world, born in the early 70s. For most of my life, my understanding on the Second Vatican Council consisted of knowing Mass was in English instead of Latin, the priest now faced the congregation, & fasting from meat was only on Lenten Fridays instead of every Friday year round. 

There were 16 documents consisting of 103,014 Latin words that came out of Vatican II...all completed between Oct. 11, 1962 & December 8, 1965. As a  busy, SAH-homeschooling mom, I know that I'll probably never be able to read AND comprehend all of those documents. 

Enter the Catholic Update Guide to Vatican II. This small book (54 pages, including five chapters, an introduction, & a conclusion) explains, in simple to understand terms, what the Second Vatican Council was, who was involved, & what it means for us today. Each chapter ends with a set of questions for further reflection, making this a great little book for personal or small group use. 

Do I consider myself an expert on Vatican II now that I've read this book? No, nor do I believe that was the intent of the editor. Whether you're a lifelong Catholic, brand new to the Faith, or somewhere in between, you will gain much knowledge from this guide to Vatican II. And by gaining a basic understanding of these documents, may learn to recognize the fruits produced during this momentous council in our Church's history & what is to come for us.

"It has been said that a Church council's vision is not realized until the third generation--two generations after those who held the Council. Our Church today includes adults of this third generation." (pg. 51)


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