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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Ten - Toys/Dolls from My Childhood

What toys do you remember playing with as a child? These are the first ten that came to mind for me:

1) Barbies (Yes, I played w/ them when I was younger, but I don't let The Princess have them now. They just don't seem appropriate anymore, esp. the clothing.)

2) Fisher Price Little People Airport (My parents still have this in their basement for the munchkins & their cousins to play with.)

3) Bionic Woman Salon Head (I could style her hair & put make-up on her.)

4) Princess Leia doll (She even had the big buns on the sides of her head.)

5) Wonder Woman doll (You could dress her as her alter ego, Diana, in a navy blue business suit or as Wonder Woman.)

6) Cabbage Patch Kids (I had two of them...a boy & a girl.)

7) Square Building Blocks (They were about twice the size of Legos, but not as well made. Many of the blocks didn't stay together & others wouldn't snap together. Despite these difficulties, we still had fun building houses w/ them.)

8) Peanuts Camp Set (While I'm not a Peanuts fan, I still had this rubber camp ground set that had several of the characters, bunk beds, canoes, a picnic table, & a campfire.)

9) Holly Hobbie & Friends dolls (These were fabric dolls & I loved them. Somehow I lost them over the years & have no idea what happened to them.)

10) Glamour Gals (I had four of these miniature dolls. My friend & I would get together to play w/ our Glamour Gals in her dollhouse.)

Speaking of dollhouses, I should also mention that I received a Victorian dollhouse kit for my 14th birthday. It was to be a project for HandyGramps & me. We worked on it a total of three times & it is now sitting in our crawlspace, awaiting the day The Princess is old enough to work on it w/ me.