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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Successes

Sherry, at Chocolate for Your Brain, hosts Small Successes each Thursday. Check it out to see others' successes & share your own. Recognizing the small things we accomplish each week helps us realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we are getting things done!

1) When I went into the boys' bedroom Mon. morning to open their curtains, I was greeted w/ that unpleasant scent of boy sweat! It never ceases to amaze me how much the boys can sweat at night, even when it's very cold. So, I stripped all three of their beds to wash their sheets & comforters. While those were in the washer, I used a fabric spray on their beds & the curtains. Now, it smells quite nice in there!

2) Also, on Mon., I decided to go through the boys' dresser drawers & closet. I took out clothes that don't fit anymore, refolded/hung up messed up clothing, & put everything neatly away. Now...how long will that last?

3) Tuesday called for a cleaning out of The Princess' dresser drawers & closet. The timing was perfect because my parents' church is holding their annual donation drive. I gave HelpfulGrammy two bags of clothes, two boxes of toys, & a grocery bag of plastic hangers.

Last Week's Goal...W
ork on front room storage; Start a new recipe meme for Fridays & call it "Friday's Fare." (I started the new meme. Hopefully the recipes will come in handy for some of you. Still didn't get to the front room.)

This Week's Goal...Once again, front room storage!


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

I know how you feel about organizing boys' clothes. Shelby gets a lot of clothes because she is the only girl and a lot of our friends who have boys like buying something for a girl occasionally. My boys however, get new stuff from family and hand me downs from EVERYONE we know, so I feel quite overwhelmed both with gratitude and exhaustion when another bag gets delivered to our house! :)Great successes

JJ's Mom said...

Sounds like your house is getting more organized by the minute! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone kept it that way? Good work! (PS-I'm excited about the new meme..)