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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Catholic Company Book Review - "Umbert the Unborn: A Womb With a View"

In various magazines over the past few years, I've seen the Umbert the Unborn comic & enjoyed the antics of this baby prior to his birth. So, when I saw Umbert the Unborn: A Womb With a View by Gary Cangemi on the list of books to choose for The Catholic Company's reviewer program, I couldn't resist getting it.

Mr. Cangemi created Umbert the Unborn in 2001. The back cover of the book states, "Umbert's purpose is to give a voice, personality, and humanity to the unborn child and to change the hearts and minds of the 'born' and the way we view life in the womb."   

This was a great book for our whole family. In fact, both of my older boys snatched it up & read it several times before I even got to it. They really enjoyed it & kept asking me if I'd read it yet. 

The beginning pages explain how the Umbert comic strip came to be. The rest of the book includes sections of the comic that appear weekly in many publications across the nation. Titles of these sections include "Out of the Mouths of Unborn Babes," "Womb Service," "God's a Genius," & more. 

"Umbert's Facts of Life" are little bits of information regarding the pro-life movement, a baby's development in the womb, & other interesting facts. They appear throughout the book. It made this momma's heart proud to hear her sons share these facts with us..."Mom, did you know that 'legalized abortion has killed more Americans than all of its wars combined'?"  (found on page 44) 

Mr. Cangemi was once asked when Umbert will be born. He said, "...the day when the natural right of all children to be born was guaranteed in law - that will be Umbert's birthday." (pg. 7) 

With the many offensive comics out there these days, it's refreshing to have Umbert the Unborn on our book shelf...a book I don't have to worry about my children reading.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Umbert the Unborn - A Womb with a View. The Catholic Company has great gift ideas for all seasons of the liturgical year, be sure to check out their Advent selection and Catholic Christmas Gifts.


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I am glad to know there is a book like this. Great idea.
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