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Monday, December 3, 2012

Homeschool Blessings


I'm so excited to participate in Judy's new meme...Homeschool Blessings. 

Judy says, "It's easy! It's fun! And, it gives you a chance to reflect on the blessings, joys, and adventures of your homeschooling life!

Want to participate, too? Stop by her blog (link above) every Monday, add the above image to your blog post, & share your homeschool blessings & joys. Don't have a blog? No problem...just head over to her blog post each Monday & list your blessings & joys in the comments section.

1) Early Christmas break!!!! This is our last week of school before our break. We will start back after the new year, but in the meantime will be decorating, making cookies, reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas shows, & enjoying the season as a family.

2) Reading good books aloud...In addition to their regular books to read & study, I always have a good book that we're working through as a family. Currently, we are on Five Little Peppers. 

3) Hearing our Blessings share some tidbit of information they've learned in their studies...esp. a blessing when I don't think they've been paying attention or putting forth their best effort.

4) Lately, The Archangel has been working w/ The Saint on his pronunciations, esp. the "k" & "t" sounds which can be difficult for a 4 yo.

5) And this last one comes from The Prophet when asked what blessings come from homeschooling..."NO BULLYING!" (other than normal sibling rivalry, right?)