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Saturday, December 15, 2012

God Bless the Children

I don't normally get into online discussions when a tragedy (like yesterday's in Connecticut) strikes our nation. There always seems to be so much finger pointing...Democrats vs. Republicans, gun control vs. the right to bear arms, mental health issues vs. sanity, etc. 

Just because I don't throw in my two cents, though, doesn't mean I don't care. I feel deep sorrow & sadness for those who have lost their lives, those mourning them, & those left with the horrible memories, nightmares, & scars. My heart is broken...I weep for & with all of them.

On Friday, the same day of the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, we received the December 16 issue of our local Catholic newspaper, The Catholic Times. An article by Joseph Thomas caught my eye, written before this tragedy happened, yet so timely. Titled "The Lost Ones," he starts out...

Imagine coming across a small village where children are at play. Sounds of laughter and of joy and the scattering of footsteps are felt and heard. Parents stop their busy day to watch as their little ones run about.

Now imagine a world in which you visit a site eerily vacant and silent. It is like walking into a ghost town....This is the place left by broken hearts and minds. These are the moments that cause you to reflect on your own mortality and the truer meaning of life.

Mr. Thomas was talking about The Holy Innocents, those infants killed by King Herod's decree in an effort to stop a king from growing up & taking his place. I'm sure the motive of the Connecticut shooter was not a fear of his loss of position in society. However, a new set of Holy Innocents have been created by his act of violence. 
The new set of Holy Innocents, killed on Dec. 14, 2012

All of this amidst a season that is supposed to be of hope & anticipation, where we are eagerly awaiting the day we celebrate our Savior's birth.

As we all know, when God has a plan, He will not be thwarted...whether by King Herod, an armed man in Connecticut, terrorists, or natural disasters. Jesus, our Lord & Savior, WAS born & grew up to achieve part of His destiny by dying for our sins. The rest of His destiny will be fulfilled when He returns in all His glory (we know not when). Then, He will gather His people to live forever in His Heavenly Kingdom.

I leave you with these words from Mr. Thomas' article. Even though he's referring to those children who have been aborted, his words also apply to those children killed in yesterday's shooting.

We celebrate their lives, however short, and the countless lives of all the children around the world today. They are known as our little ones, our quiet ones, our blessed ones, and our lost ones. Keep in heavenly peace, my children, keep in heavenly peace.


Lisa said...

Oh, Maria, what a beautiful and heartfelt post. Thanks for the reminder that we have to trust in God in all things and know that He will bring good out of the evil. What an amazing parallel to the Holy Innocents. God bless, Lisa

Colleen said...

Maria, beautiful article. Thank you.
I wrote a Thankful for Blessings post, not knowing Judy had closed down. When I looked at the blessings, it was mostly about family. I pray for the families of those who were killed.