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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Tuesday's Ten" - Ten Things That Irk Me (2nd post for today)

Yes, I am human! I do get angry, I do get upset, & things bother me! However, I'm not a confrontational person, so very rarely will I get into an argument or discussion w/ someone. I do try to stand up for my beliefs, but many times I get tongue-tied & think of what I want to say after the fact. So, this edition of "Tuesday's Ten" - 10 Things That Irk Me, are some of my "after-the-fact" thoughts on some arguments & other things that just plain bother me.

1) Abortion - It really bothers me when people say that that don't agree w/ abortion for themselves, but don't feel it is right to tell someone else not to do it. Unborn children are given no choice, so WE need to be their voices. And yes, even cases such as rape, financial difficulties, etc. are NO excuse for an abortion. There are MANY people unable to have children & willing to adopt, assistance for those who are alone, etc. There ARE people/organizations willing to help! (Think of all the technology we'd be missing out on if Steve Jobs' mother had aborted him instead of putting him up for adoption.)

2) Rude Commenters - Occasionally I'll read an online article & the number of rude comments astounds me, especially when they are on positive articles. It's as if some people can't share in something nice happening to another person. It's one thing to debate in a polite way, but when the article's author is blasted for their writing, it's just downright rude!

3) People Who Ignore Stop Signs - Those signs are there for a reason! I don't know how many times our family's guardian angels have worked overtime to help us avoid a collision.

4) Politicians who spend more time telling us what their opponent isn't doing right, instead of telling what they will do to fix things.

5) Texting - Now, I know texting can be used effectively. I'm talking about the rudeness of texting in the company of others. There was a comic this past Sunday of a teen w/ an older man (either her father or grandfather) spending time together. However, the whole time they were out, she was texting...a true sign of the times. And don't even get me started on texting WHILE driving!

6) Extreme Couponing - This is those people who take advantage of coupons & offers to the point of snatching every last toothpaste, deodorant, etc. just because they can get it cheap or free & not leaving any for the rest of us who might actually need the item right away.

7) Parents Who Don't "Parent" Their Children - This is those parents who just let their kids run amuck all over the neighborhood w/out a care to where they are, whose property they might be damaging, what language they're using, etc. These are also the parents who think their kids can do no wrong!

8) Political ads, mailings, phone calls, & petitioners at the doors of libraries & other establishments

9) Not Giving Holidays Their Due - Before summer is over, Halloween stuff is in stores; Christmas stuff out before Halloween; Valentines for sale right after Christmas

10) Library DVDs - We save a lot of money by renting DVDs at the library. However, so many of them are scratched beyond repair because they're not taken care of by others who check them out. I've always taken extra care of items I've borrowed from others, but it seems many people don't.