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Sunday, October 16, 2011

7. Revised Roman Missal: Prayers of the Faithful

HandyGramps Explains...

7. Prayers of the Faithful

In the Prayers of the Faithful (also known as the General Intercessions), we find what is the most flexible part of our liturgy. As before, we follow a few basic guidelines (as defined in the GIRM) to compose prayers for the needs of the Church (sometimes including specific prayers for the Pope and Bishops, and others in authority in the Church), for world leaders or public officials and the salvation of the whole world, the needs of the community, and for those burdened by illness or other things. This is also the most appropriate place to pray for specific Mass intentions requested by parishioners. Keeping brevity and good taste in the forefront, we are free to compose the introduction and conclusion, the petitions themselves, and the people’s response.