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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook (2nd post for today)

Peggy hosts this meme each week. Read other Daybooks HERE.

Outside my window...a bright, sunny day in the low 60s. There is a nice wind blowing every so often & the scent of fall is in the air.

I am thinking...of rearranging the living room.

I am thankful...for a nice afternoon at my parents' yesterday. I took the munchkins out there so that Casinodad could spend some time studying for his insurance test on Tuesday.

From the learning rooms...making a few minor changes to The Prophet's lessons. His history has been a bit tough to understand so I think I'm going to shelve that book for a year or two & do some other things w/ him this year. The book is written for grades 5-9, so I don't feel bad putting it aside right now.

From the kitchen...pita pockets w/ lunchmeat & cheese for lunch & make-your-own tacos for dinner.

I am wearing...navy v-neck knit short-sleeved top, khaki pants, & white socks

I am creating...(attempting to create) a peaceful environment. This week, we are keeping a candle lit on the stove & each time we see it, we are stopping a moment to pray for peace in our family.

I am going...stay on task this week w/ school! (continued from last week)

I am reading...All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor (read-aloud for the kids), The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith (researching to see if this is something the might work w/ The Archangel & his issues), & Women in Church History: 21 Stories for 21 Centuries by Joanne Turpin.

I am hoping...STILL,that we will someday feel at peace in making decisions regarding The Archangel's care w/ his ADHD, aggression/anger issues, & now it seems he has Tourette Syndrome, too.

I am hearing...the occasional wind blowing through our pear trees in the backyard, The Saint playing his Gogos & pretending they're robots, The Archangel playing w/ his plush monsters, & The Prophet playing w/ Legos at the table. These boys sure are creative! (BTW - Plush monsters are little stuffed felt toys that we've made after reading the book, Invasion of the Plush Monsters. Ours are not as good as those in the book, but the munchkins really love them.)

Around the house...I've been doing really well this past week in making sure the downstairs is straightened up & the kitchen cleaned w/ dinner ready by the time Casinodad has gotten home.

One of my favorite things...Listening to The Saint as he becomes more verbal. Just yesterday, as we were putting him into the van after church, he exclaimed, "Dat was awesome!" When asked what, he said, "I just love dat turch!"

A few plans for the rest of the week...school, "Mom Therapy," planning, cleaning/organizing, spending time w/ family

Here is a picture or two I am sharing...This is the munchkins & me at the entrance to a covered bridge on one of our hikes last week.