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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Small Successes

Sherry at her blog, Chocolate for Your Brain, hosts Small Successes each Thursday. Check it out to see others' successes & share your own. Recognizing the small things we accomplish each week helps us realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we are getting things done!

1) The munchkins & I got our flu shots on Monday. (Casinodad got his during his physical on Friday.) The Archangel was so cute...He told the nurse that is was over so quick, he "didn't even have time to say ouch!" HeeHee

2) Knowing our current insurance ends w/ Casinodad's job on Friday, I got myself to the doctor. (I'm one of those who only go if I'm REALLY not feeling well.) Over the weekend I had one of those behind the eye splitting headaches that radiated all the way to my ear & jaw. I thought it was an ear infection, but it's actually my sinuses, too. I'm glad I went & I'm glad I was still able to get my flu shot.

3) I'm hugging & kissing my munchkins even more! They always have received a lot of love & affection from us, but ever since I read Messenger (about Mattie Stepanek & how short, yet meaningful his life was), I've decided I'm not taking my children for granted.

Sherry has added a new feature to this weekly meme & I think it is a GREAT idea. We are to add a goal for the upcoming week. So...

This week, I'll...catch up on lesson plans for the munchkins. We've been doing well keeping up w/ schoolwork each day, but I feel like I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. I need to get some organization going weekly rather than nightly.


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Joey had his well-child exam yesterday and Will had to get a flu shot. Poor Joey got four shots. He did so well and then he was so angry with me about the shots (I did forewarn him). Will was much more forgiving, but spent the entire visit saying, "William go home. William want McDonalds and candy (their treat for good behavior was lunch and McDonalds and getting to pick out candy at Big Box Mart)but no shot." Now we just have to get Jeff and I and Shelby shots...at least Shelby can do the nasal mist with no problems!

SherryTex said...

Great job on the flu shots and getting your own doctor! It's a big deal when Moms take care of themselves.

Also, thanks for the support of the new feature. I hope by setting these goals, we can better meet them.