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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy hosts this meme each week. Read other Daybooks HERE.

Outside my window..."it was a dark and stormy night..."

I am thinking...of those who lost their lives 10 years ago in the 9/11 attacks on our country, of those they left behind, & remembering where I was & how I felt watching it all take place

I am thankful...for dates w/ my kids! Last weekend, I took The Prophet out for a few hours & today I took The Archangel out.

From the learning rooms...still trying to get a handle on The Archangel's online school, as well as balance everyone to make sure they all get enough of me

From the kitchen...experimentation this evening! I had some kale that needed to be used up, so I sauteed it w/ garlic, celery, & olive oil. I heated up some Tyson pre-cooked grilled chicken. I used the chicken & kale to top some pasta...very good!

I am wearing...a gray night-shirt.

I am creating...(hopefully) a balanced day for our school/household tasks

I am going...to bed, soon!

I am reading...The Life of Our Lord for Children by Marigold Hunt (read-aloud for the kids). That's about it at the moment. I've got a few books on a side table waiting to be read, but the focus right now is on school & I can't seem to quiet my mind enough to read for myself (except for a fluff novel when I'm at work on Saturdays!)

I am hoping...that school will get better for us this week. Each week it's been a little better.

I am hearing...the hum of the refrigerator (I think it's getting louder each day), The Archangel playing w/ his jackpot of pennies that he found in the parking lot this afternoon, & The Prophet attempting to learn Spanish on Casinodad's iPad.

Around the house...a bit cluttered, but not too bad - typical for our family as we transition into another school year.

One of my favorite things...Mom Therapy!

A few plans for the rest of the week...school, PT Mon. & Wed., school, Mom Therapy, & more school!

Here is picture (or two) for thought I am sharing...The Princess lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago.