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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small Successes

"It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that."

1) I've been doing well at getting up between 6 & 6:15 each morning to read the daily readings. In addition to them, I started using the Coming Home Network's list for reading the Bible & Catechism of the Catholic Church in one year. It breaks both down into daily increments to make it manageable.

2) I've seen numerous places around the web regarding "40 Bags in 40 Day," a program to declutter during Lent. (I think the idea originally came from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.) Each day, pack one bag or box of equivalent size of things that you just don't need anymore. You can donate, recycle, or trash items. I decided to start a bit early. Heaven knows we have more than enough to get rid of! Tuesday I started going through our files...getting rid of excess paperwork that we don't need & filing those things we need to keep. Yesterday, I went through our bath towels. Do we really NEED to have 20 towels for six of us?!?! I read somewhere about donating used towels to an animal shelter or hospital, so I think I'm going to look into that. The towels are not decent enough to donate elsewhere, but they're not bad enough to throw out.

3) In an effort to reduce my computer time, I've set myself up on a regular blog schedule. I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME each day going back & forth between different blogs & felt it was high time I cut back. I printed off a daily schedule, posting it near the computer, & have certain bloggers I visit each day. Some only update their blogs a couple times a week while others do it daily. So far, I've done well keeping to it.

BONUS - I got a job! Starting this weekend, I will be working on Saturdays from 9am-7pm as a receptionist for a nursing/rehabilitation center. My neighbor is in administration management there & needed a weekend receptionist. The days will be long, but it will only be one day a week & I am confident that Casinodad will be fine w/ the munchkins while I'm gone.

How's life for you? Share your successes & see others at Faith & Family Live.


Lawgirl said...

Hey lady - do you use a reader,like Google Reader, for your blog reading? It makes life SO much easier!

Mom to 5 Boys said...

Great job! In regards to the towels, I read somewhere about a lady who had the same problem. Plus, she got tired of doing laundry for the many towels! She gave everyone in her family one towel. They even got to pick them out. That's what they use for the week and on Saturday, she did one load of towels and the process started all over. I like that idea, but I think for those of us who shower pretty much every day, two towels would be better. Still, for us...14 towels a week as compared to 30 or so, is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

#1 - I am so jealous. My 4 year old and 2 year old get up at 6 and I have a hard time being up before they are so morning prayers can be very difficult. Good for you!
#2 - What an awesome idea. I wish I was better at getting rid of stuff.
#3 - I so should do this. It is so important to recognize when we are spending too much time online. If only it wasn't so addictive.
#4 And it is an important job too.
Congratulations on all your successes!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Wow... all stuff I should be doing (and have even resolved to do)! You've encouraged me to give it another go this week! Thanks!!

munchesmom said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

Lawgirl - No, I don't. I probably should, but I haven't had the time to look into anything like that. How do they work?

Sis - Exactly in regards to the towels!

churchdomestic - Thanks for stopping by! It's always nice to see new commenters here. As to #1, it's tough some days because my 18 month old occasionally wakes too early, but I've found that the days do indeed run better when I've had that morning time to myself.

Farmer's City Wife - I'm glad I could be encouraging. I wish you well this week!

Young Mom said...

Ooo, I love the declutter idea, I ight have to try that!

ViolinMama said...


Wow Girl...this is one of the most impressive lists I've EVER seen. SO INSPIRATIONAL!!!

#1 - You rock so much - thanks for inspiring me!

#2 - This rocks!!! We've been doing this too, but I like how it is from a Catholic perspective. Awesome!

#3 - How cool. What a great idea! I know I'm blogging less some weeks if that helps save you any time ;)

You always make my day better. I love your list.

And...CONGRATS on your job! I'm proud of you. Good luck! You'll do great!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

BIG STUFF going on at your house!
I admire your diligence to create and stick to plans for your enrichment; both with blogging and morning time with the Lord.
And CONGRATULATIONS on your new position at the nursing center!
God bless you with much JOY there!
And by the looks of casinodad...I'd say you are absolutely right...they'll be FINE!

Lawgirl said...

Google Reader allows for all of your blogs to be on one page. You subscribe to the RSS feed on all of the blogs you love and as they update, it shows up in your reader. So you don't have to go to each individual blog anymore - you just stay in Google Reader.

You can even set up folders for different classifications of blogs - like I have mine set up as Health & Beauty, Shopping & Fashion, HR Blogs, etc.

Here's some more info on it: