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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is There a Twelve-Step Program...

...for those addicted to books? I can just see me now, sitting amongst a circle of others...

"Hello! My name is Maria and I am a Book-a-holic!"

"Hello, Maria!" they reply.

Our group has a motto...

Books are friends, 
and yes, food (for your brain)!

My love of books began at an early age. From what I understand, I was the only one in my first grade class who knew how to read at the beginning of the year. (These days, all those other kids would have been placed in a remedial reading class in Kindergarten.)

I always had a book w/ me.
* in the car - Even just a short trip to the grocery store was reading time for me.
* at school - I carried a book so that I could read to pass the time when I was done w/ my book or in between classes.
* at home - Many a time I had to be called to dinner multiple times because I was so engrossed in a book.
* even the bathroom - no additional comments needed here!

Do you remember those Scholastic book order forms that came out every month in elementary & middle school? I LOVED those forms & would intensely study them, deciding which books I would order that time. Between those forms & trips to bookstores, I usually got 10-15 new books a month, while other girls my age were into clothes shopping or exploring makeup & hair accessory purchases.

I wish I could say that my love of books was a love of the classics, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy them until adulthood. While I did read a few classics, most of my book selections were of the teen angst variety or trendy series. (Sweet Valley High, anyone? - the series that by book 50, the twins were still 16 years old & had been through more issues & tragedies in one year of school than I've been in my entire life!)

Ironically, despite my love of reading, I did not do well w/ book reports...even when I chose the book myself. Most times, I would read just enough to fudge through the report or project. Thankfully, there weren't any oral reports or further questions from teachers! There was just something about being made to read a book & report on it by a certain day. I wanted to do it in my time. 

As an adult, I continue my love of books. Most books I read come from the library or borrowed from friends. Those I usually buy are novels I know I'll read again, classics, Catholic books, or homeschool related. Most of those I purchase come from thrift stores or Amazon. I have found some incredible deals, esp. on classics & Catholic books. I just can't resist the book sections at thrift stores. 

I was a book reviewer for The Catholic Company for a couple of years, until they discontinued the program a few months ago. This was a great way to build our family's Catholic library. (Under "Labels" in my sidebar, you can click on "The Catholic Company" to read the reviews I posted here on my blog.)

Because of my love for actual books, I never really wanted a Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader. There's just something about the feel & scent of a book in hand. However, I started to think about getting a Kindle & briefly mentioned it to Matt. What a surprise...he bought me one for my birthday this year! I'm finding it more beneficial than I thought. There are many public domain books that are free or under $3. I've found several great Catholic books that are over 100 years old. One is a collection of 734 essays & novels on authentic Catholic teachings.

My problem now is that I am on book overload! Between the books I've purchased, all those on my Kindle, & ones I've borrowed from the library, I just can't focus & decide what to read next!

I'm back to that search for a 12 step program for us book-a-holics! I need help organizing those I own & deciding what order to read them all in. And it gets worse when I see other books recommended by friends, websites, or magazines that sound great.  Thankfully, I can have more than one book going at a time, provided they are different genres.

I do not wish to stop my search for the next great home library book! Spending money on books is not a frivolous pursuit, esp. when most of these are great books for the whole family! (Thankfully, Matt doesn't get upset w/ my book purchases, either!)

So, feed my addiction...what great books are you reading right now? LOL