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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Tuesday's Ten" - Ten Things in Our Home that Need to be Replaced or Repaired

1) Our Dishwasher - It needs a new heating element, but at the prices we've found & the age of the dishwasher (it's 13 yrs. old), we're probably better off getting a new one.

2) Three Kitchen Drawer Fronts - Two have fallen off completely & another is about to go.

3) Two Kitchen Cabinet Doors - On Thanksgiving morning, The Prophet walked by one & his pant pocket caught on the handle, pulling the door clean off except for about 2 in. of wood where the hinges are. The other has a crack in the middle of it.

4) Our Refrigerator - The water/ice dispenser hasn't worked since our first year here, the vent cover at the bottom is cracked, & the temperature controls are starting to not work as well (many times things at the back freeze).

5) The Kitchen Floor - We still have the original vinyl flooring from when the house was built 13 years ago. It has definitely seen better days...it's stained in some spots & faded in others, as well as full of cracks.

6) The Kitchen Ceiling - A few years ago, HelpfulGrammy was making chocolate pudding for the munchkins. She accidentally dropped the bowl & splatted our ceiling w/ brown spots all over the ceiling. They were painted over, but it still needs the whole ceiling done because the paint spots can still be seen.

7) Our Kitchen Counter - Accidentally, The Prophet set a hot pan down on it after making popcorn one day. We now have a few burn marks on it.

8) Our Master Bathroom Shower - No matter how often I clean or w/ what I clean it, there are some many stains in it. I did find that a Magic Eraser will get rid of a majority of the stains, but there are still a lot that just won't go away.

9) Two Doors (to be replaced by The Prophet!) - In his anger, he threw items at each one & they now have small holes in them.

10) Various Sections of Walls - Over the years, whether from the munchkins rough play or just accidental bumping into them, we have many sections which need to be patched then repainted.

As you can see, many of the things that need to be replaced or repaired are in our kitchen. I'm thinking a whole kitchen remodel would be good!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

Hmmm....I think you should just move! LOL!!